Blinds Between Glass Windows and Doors

blinds between glass 11

Our Blinds Between Glass technology installs honeycomb or Venetian blinds in a secure between the glass. Allows you to control the amount of sunlight and heat entering the room, either electronically or by hand, making outstanding energy savings possible. The Blinds Between Glass Windows offers maximum energy efficienty by providing precise control over the heat […]

Roof Glass Dome

roof glass dome 3

Roof glass dome is a special product. It could be used to the building tops to be an architectural art decoration, increasing the aesthetic of construction. Also widely used to private residence, tower, awning, green house, sunlight room, pub, bar and skylight etc. Surprisingly, the small one even could be used as display cabinet in […]

Different Style of Aquariums for Your Reference

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We’re not only provding glass materials but also providing aquarium products. If you have any interests, welcome to contact with us. There are lots of different aquariums for your choice, please see below:       HJYJL-01 Small Curved Aquarium (Covered panel is convexity) 1.Back Filter, PVC cupboard             HJYJL-02 […]