Safety Standard Export Wooden Crate Packing for Our Glass

Hongjia packing – Standard export wooden crates


In addition to the glass, the packing is also important. Our packings comply with export standards and meet customer requirements.

According to customer’s requirements, we can do as follows:

Standard packing method: with small rubber cushion between the glass panels.

small rubber cushion between the glass panels

For mirror or some special glass type which need protect the surface, the glass will be packed with protect film which use much more foam, bubble bag.

packaging with protect film

Special requirements: packing with paper between the glass panels, corner protection.

paper between the glass panels

Special requirements: packing piece by piece.

packing piece by piece

Different shipment, different packing:

Glass ship by LCL or air, traditional full packed with wooden, Min. width 500mm.

packing by lcl or air

Special protect packing way for LCL or air shipping glass products.

special packing for lcl or air

Standard packing for glass products which ship by FCL.

packing by fcl