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Misibis Bay Project

Glass Buid12mm Clear Tempered Glass; 12mm Frosted Tempered Glass

The Misibis Bay which is located in Cagraray Island, Legazpi City in Bicol is an established multi-million peso real estate property which is maintained by a high-profile firm which is known as the Rain Tree Group of Companies and in close cooperation with Small Luxury Hotels. Over the years, their formidable and unparalled conglomerations have tremendously made Misibis Bay Resort shine like a lustrous 24-karat diamond ring.

The caressing and alluring beauty of Misibis Bay has an enchanting and posh residential properties, which variably range from residential villas and bungalows which were artistically built along and around the splendid vastness of its enigmatic and deep blue waters that everyone is talking about. Due to its gyrating topographical charisma, many travel and leisure reviewers have deservingly alluded this amazing Misibis Bay Beach as the flamboyant “Boracay Island of Bicol Region”.  Generally, the eternal aesthetic grandeur of Misibis Bay is comprised of sparkling white beach sand and a lot more. Incredibly, this inexpressible tourist destination in Region V is proudly facing the unmatched propensity of the Pacific Ocean.

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Upon your exciting arrival at the airport as a prelude to a traveling experience that is superbly ecstatic in every step of the way, the cordial staff of Misibis Bay will gladly attend to your multifarious personal, leisure and travel necessities.

Remarkably, Misibis Bay is a genuine reflection of excellent professionalism, inexplicable environmental exuberance and best of all, an unwavering kind of interpersonal commitment to their thousands of clients from across the globe. One of the fascinating features of Misibis Bay Resort, Legazpi City is its Beach Front Luxury Villa, which is strikingly coupled with a clean and invigorating pool.

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As far as the front view of that extremely exquisite accommodation is to be regarded, it has been equipped with a type of wall which is made up of expensive glass materials which are innovatively expansive without any form of exaggeration or whatsoever. This was especially conceived for the sake of privacy that should never be compromised in any way. Inside this palatial type of accommodation in Misibis Bay, is a wonderful decor which is quite extraordinary and revealing because of its harmonious chemistry with those native and contemporary materials. Color wise, the said cute ornament has bright and light colors which are truly reminiscent of those days when everything in this world is so peaceful and not yet corrugated.

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Likewise, it has background colors of beige and browns. Whatever those colors might resemble, these artistic innovations boil down to one single thing. – Misibis Bay is a regal tourist destination, which can be perfectly likened to a glaring metamorphosis of life and fruitfulness that each one of us is earnestly looking forward to. On the other hand, if you are interested to know more about the splendid external atmosphere of this very popular beach at the heart of Bicolandia you will see a privately-constructed deck with a not so huge swimming pool which is again extravagantly complemented with comfy lounge chairs. These amenities are indeed great for your serene and unperturbed ways of pampering yourself without reservations. Moreover, there are other facilities that are truly fit for a royal family such as: Those three swimming pools of different sizes, which are so much fun to indulge into because of their versatility and uniqueness inside and out.

Holiday Inn Express, Mahindra World City, Chennai

Location: India

Glass Build: 10mm Clear Flat, Curved Tempered Glass

Holiday Inn Express, has set up a 4-star Business hotel at Mahindra World City, Chennai. The hotel is part of a joint venture between Duet India Hotels and the Inter-Continental Hotels Group (IHG), to develop Holiday Inn Express hotels in India. An integral part of the Social Infrastructure, the 140-room hotel also offer facilities including banquets, conference facilities and health club. This hotel offers convenient, comfortable and affordable accommodation for both business and leisure travellers and is the first-of-its-kind beyond the airport on the Nh-32 corridor.

Holiday Inn Express attracts value-oriented guests who want a quality hotel at a competitive price. Focused on providing only what the guests need, and not charging for what they don’t, Holiday Inn Express hotels are designed as the smart choice for today’s value-conscious travellers that require what matters most – comfort and convenience.

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The new Holiday Inn Express Chennai Mahindra World City is the smart hotel choice for savvy business and leisure travelers who are looking for the best location combined with best value, offering a relaxed affordable and hassle free stay every time, located within Mahindra World City, a city with the distinction of being India’s first fully planned and integrated business city.

Its’ Great Location offers close proximity to the major international companies such as BMW, Ford Motors, Infosys, Capgemina, WIPRO, Ingersoll Rand, Saint-Gobain, and Parker Hannifin India Pvt Ltd. It is just a short 45 minutes drive from Chennai International Airport.

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decorative panels 6

Luxury Hotels Interior Decorative Panels

The panels are named decorative resin board which can be stackable, cut easy, polishing, no leaking, fine cutting edge, low carbon environmental friendly, no harm substance released, can touch with food direct, approved material of LEED. Antiaging, tolerate of polluted, long lasting to be used indoor. Breakthrough concept of 2 dimensional design, no renouncing, no deform, no blur white at bending edge, able to overcome the challenge of modern and trendy shock, freedom of creation, colors, grains, patterns can be mixed and match.

The application of Decorative Panels can be varied, luxurious, elegant, fashionable, refreshing mood. Uses in shopping mall, villa, square, restaurant, KTV, club etc. Uses on dividing, background, hanging, ceiling, bar top, coffee table, desk, door, partitions, lighting cabin and wall, reception door, kitchen cabinet, POS display rack, bar top, hanging on ceiling, 3D wall display, divider, outer wall, flooring, craving artistic, lighting application etc.

  1. Size: 1220*2440MM/1220*3050MM
  2. Thickness: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
  3.  Usage: Hotel, Club, Market, KTV, Furniture…

decorative panels 1
decorative panels 2
decorative panels 3
decorative panels 4
decorative panels 5

hue hotels palawan

Hue Hotels and Resorts Palawan

Location: Palawan Philippines

Glass build: All interior and exterior glass

6mm+1.14PVB+6mm clear tempered laminated glass
8mm euro grey tempered glass
19mm+2.28PVB+19mm+2.28PVB+19mm ultra clear tempered laminated glass
10mm clear tempered glass(onside is full satin, onseside is acid etched pattern)

hue hotel palawan 1

Managed by Hospitality Innocators, Inc. Hue Hotels and Resorts is a brand of hotels under Luana Lifestyle and Leisuire Hotel, Inc. Envisioned to be hip and creative while providing premium accommodations in Palawan.

Hue Hotels and Resorts Palawan, the latest addition to Puerto Princesa City’s tourism landscape, has partnered with the local community to promote natural and cultural attractions while providing top-grade amenities to guests.

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Dubbed “City of the Living God,” Puerto Princesa boasts of untouched forests, white sand beaches and divers wildlife — all of which are reflected in the hotel’s interiors.

Run by Hospitality Innovators, Inc., Hue welcomes visitors at an open-air lobby that sits beside a garden, where the twitter of birds echo.

Wood carvings of the endemic “balinsasayaw” bird decorate the lobby’s walls while the floor feature a pattern symbolizing the mangroves abundant in the city.

hue hotel palawan 3

Hue’s 122 rooms are also splashed with local touches like vibrant mats handwoven by

Palaweño single parents and students; baskets filled with calamansi juice, rice coffee, cashew and tamarind candy; and gifts of pearls, sungkaan and straw hats for VIP guests.

Boasting an unobstructed of the city, the hotel’s roof deck pool, meanwhile, is a riot of color inspired by fiestas.

hue hotel palawan 4

Hue owner-developers, brothers Dennis and Dexter Lee, envisioned the hotel’s “glocal” architecture, which merges a modern vibe local elements, general manager Chris Guballa told ABS-CBN News.

The glocal roots of Hue, Guballa added, extend to its efforts to foster the livelihood of locals and protect the environment.

Majority of the hotel staff are Palaweños. Hue has also partnered with the Trade department to hold weekend bazaars for local crafts. It has also refrained from serving bottled water, replying instead on a reverse osmosis system that purifies water.

“We are continuously trying to innocate trying to embed ourselves in the local community. That’s one of our advocacies here,” said Guballa.