Glass shower room and daily use maintenance point

The advantage that installs glass shower room and daily use maintenance point

In recent years, with the rapid improvement of modern science and technology level, the ancient and traditional glass industry coruscated new life, in the toughened glass and other safety glass development mature now, a variety of glass products with unique functions have come out one after another.These glasses not only play a traditional role in transmitting light, but also play an irreplaceable role in some special occasions.Install vitreous shower room for example, and the advantage that installs vitreous shower room to bring is thought and easy to see, among them daily maintenance also has a lot of place that needs attention.

The advantage of glass shower room

1, can differentiate to wash bath space independently.Our country dweller residence toilet and lavatory are mostly close together, installation bath room is more reasonable choice.This can create a relatively independent bath space to avoid mutual influence convenient daily life.

2. Save space.The space of toilet of a few families is small, install do not fall bath crock, and shower room can save a lot of space.

3. Had shower room, below the action that stops in glass, when using shower head water won’t splash outside the ground of whole toilet gets wet.

4. In winter, the use of shower room can also play the role of heat preservation.Water vapor in a narrow space, the heat is not lost quickly, let a person feel very warm.And if toilet is bigger, do not have shower room again, although have central heating, also often feel very cold.

5. The modelling of shower room is rich, colour is bright-coloured, besides the function that has bath outside, itself still is a very good adornment.

The maintenance method of vitreous shower room

1. For routine cleaning, please rinse with clean water and clean regularly with glass water to maintain the smoothness of the glass.
Those who have bilge use neutral cleaner to wipe with soft cloth, stubborn besmirch can use a few alcohol to get rid of, avoid is used acidity, alkalescent solvent.
2. How to use and maintain the pulley of shower room.
A. Avoid slamming the sliding door under to avoid the sliding door falling off.
B. Note to add lubricant on the slide track regularly.
C. Regularly adjust to ensure the effective bearing capacity and smooth sliding of the pulley on the movable door.
3. Toughened glass, aluminum alloy, artificial stone bottom basin maintenance.
A. do not use hard objects to hit or impact the glass surface (especially the corners).
B. Do not wipe the glass surface with strong acid and alkali corrosive solution to avoid damaging the surface luster.
C. Do not wipe the glass surface with metal wire to avoid scratches.

During the outbreak, strict management, continuous production of glass factory

During the outbreak, strict management, continuous production of glass factory

Facing the severe and complicated situation of the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic, the company fully implemented the working principles of “prevention, prevention of production, and development”. The majority of employees shouldered their responsibilities, set an example, and worked together to ensure their safety and health Under the premise of ensuring the company’s safe and orderly production during the epidemic prevention and control period; by appropriately reducing the pull amount, seize this rare opportunity, continue to innovate the process technology, and improve the quality steadily; by maintaining close contact with downstream customers, grab Sales orders, consolidating and expanding new and old users, ensuring the safe operation of the capital chain.

1.Non-stop production and continuous technological innovation

During the closed management period, effective countermeasures and measures were taken to eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner; the upper and lower processes cooperated closely    to strictly implement the process and technical standards, and on the basis of reducing the pull volume, the output of each shift was basically full; therefore, production stability, A good start        to the steady improvement of product quality.

2.Solve problems such as raw materials one by one

The production line is also the front line of the war.Like many plate glass enterprises, COVID-19 epidemic has brought unprecedented impact and constraints on the supply of glass raw materials and the sales of glass products.
In order to ensure the normal operation of the work, production order, stability, through a variety of channels to analyze and judge, assess the situation, overall consideration, coordination, on the one hand, from the internal start — appropriate gradually reduce the amount of pull and the speed of the main drive, in order to reduce the production of the day, to reduce the amount of raw materials;Production technical backbone seize the opportunity, in the process of technological innovation, improve product quality, stable product output and other aspects of great efforts, continuous improvement, improvement, optimization.
On the other hand, the company started from the outside to make up for the shortage of raw materials during the epidemic prevention and control.According to the company’s overall deployment and requirements, the sales department, storage department and operation department perform their respective duties, work together and innovatively.
As an entity in the market competition, enterprises can only promote the benign development of the company by selling the products produced by the organization.


After determining accurate information about the time, quantity, grade, and transportation mode of the customer’s pick-up, according to the work responsibilities of the company’s functional departments and the spirit of the document of “Shenzhen Industrial and Information Bureau’s Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Materials and Production Materials Transport Permit” The sales department actively contacted and implemented glass product transportation vehicles; the production management department took the initiative to coordinate the application for the transportation vehicle pass; the warehouse manager of the storage department carefully produced the product delivery list and carefully selected the glass products in the warehouse according to customer needs; the forklift worker drove the forklift Carefully transport the glass products that have been selected in advance for easy transportation to the car; use the skilled loading technology to lightly load and carefully place the glass boxes.

During the extraordinary period, the Comprehensive Management Department strictly implemented the management system, consciously performed the work responsibilities of temperature detection, registration and vehicle “disinfection” to ensure the personal safety of employees in the factory.