How is the decorative effect of glass spell mirror

How is the decorative effect of glass spell mirror

Glass excellent performance, can be used in a variety of occasions.In the interior decoration can use stained glass and hot melt glass, the style is changeable;It is suitable to use toughened glass, laminated glass and other safety glass on the occasions that need to protect personal safety;Need to adjust brightness, when protecting privacy might as well use ground glass and dimmer glass, convenient and durable.

What are the advantages of glass spell mirror decoration?

1, The form of expression has a unique personality, through different colors to match the entire decoration style, unique reflective effect and lighting effect, let the whole space extremely brilliant noble;

2, Unique art decorative effect, through different geometric collocation ornament to cater to the entire decoration style, improve the overall decorative style, with the icing on the cake decorative beauty;

3.The installation is convenient and simple, and the requirements of installation and materials are almost negligible, which reduces the construction period and decoration and installation cost;

4. Environmental protection, energy saving, without any harmful effects on human body, consistent with the development direction of social green and environmental protection, improving the quality of life.

The difference between safety glass and toughened glass

What is safety glass? What’s the difference with toughened glass?

Presumably many people know toughened glass, as a result of the formation of small pieces after breaking, reduced the risk of cutting, toughened glass is applied in a number of fields, and there is another noun, called “safety glass”, this safety glass and toughened glass and what is the difference?In fact, safety glass is a class of glass collectively, the requirements of violent vibration or impact not broken, even broken is not easy to hurt people, and tempered glass is one of them.Under the classification of safety glass, there are many kinds of glass!

① Toughened glass, Tempered glass

The production of toughened glass is to quench the glass with high-speed air and other cooling media when the glass is heated uniformly to the softening temperature.The uniform compressive stress on the glass surface can improve the mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance of the glass.Using air as the cooling medium is said to be toughened;When oil and other liquids are used as the cooling medium, the liquid is toughened;When molten salt is used as cooling medium, it is called salt bath toughening.According to the degree of rigidness and the shape of the products, it can be divided into complete toughening, regional toughening, semi-toughening, plane toughening and bending toughening.The flexural strength of toughened glass is 3 ~ 5 times greater than that of untreated glass, up to 150 ~ 250 mpa, thermal stability is improved 3 ~ 4 times, can withstand the temperature difference of 200 ~ 250℃ sharp change, no sharp edges and corners of the particles formed when broken, very little harm to human body, is the most widely used safety glass.

② Laminated glass

Laminated glass is a composite glass product which is sandwiched between two or more pieces of glass with transparent polyvinyl butadialdehyde film or other adhesive materials.When under impact, due to the elasticity of the middle layer and strong adhesive force, it can improve the impact strength. When broken, the debris will not fall off or splash, which can effectively prevent or reduce the damage to the human body.In addition, special laminated glass can be made by means of heat-absorbing glass, heat-reflecting glass, color glass and conductive film glass.

③ Bullet proof glass

Bulletproof glass can be said to be the highest level of safety glass at present, it is the composite glass that USES toughened glass, chemical reinforcement glass, silk (mesh) glass and high strength organic material (such as directional plexiglass, polycarbonate, etc.), and USES interlayer craft to make.According to different requirements, different materials can be selected to form different composite structures, to achieve the ability to resist the shooting of guns and bullets in a certain distance and the effect of preventing theft.Generally used for special bulletproof or anti-theft requirements of the building and border observation post.