Can Figured Glass be tempered?

Figured glass—also called decorative or obscure glass—was produced by rolling a textured pattern onto one side of a sheet of molten glass as it cooled, leaving a permanent imprint behind.
Because figured glass was about the same thickness as regular glass, it could be substituted for the latter in areas where people wanted their light served with a measure of modesty.
This need to make figured glass popular for a variety of uses, such as bathroom and foyer windows, as well as more creative displays, cupboards, and interior doors.

Safe tempered Figured glass

In common sense, we recognize that Figured glass is unsafe because Figured glass cannot be tempered under normal circumstances.
The tempered glass will have a certain bending deformation, which will not only affect the beauty of the pattern of the Figured glass but also Regular patterns are also easy to cause glass breakage and high scrap rate.

But Hongjia Glass can produce tempered Figured glass

Hongjia Glass has its own glass factory and has always paid great attention to the issue of glass safety.
It has thought of many ways on how to temper the Figured glass.
With the accumulation of technology, Hongjia Glass has been able to temper the figured glass. After that, the glass only produces a very small bending amplitude, which does not affect the appearance.

Figured glass is suitable for indoor partitions, mainly used in toilets, partitions, glass doors, glass windows, and other places. Compared with ordinary flat glass, Figured glass is transparent but has privacy.

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