More Detail Information About Hongjia Switchable Transparent Glass

switchable transparent glass 7

About the Plastic Frame: Check below picture, the switchable transparent glass comes with plastic frame when you get the glass. So, (1) Please consider the thickness of the frame before you tell us your customized size, plastic frame thickness: 2mm. (2) Of course if you need a glass next to another glass, the connected side […]

Customized Clear Heat Strengthened Glass For Laminated Skylights

laminated skylights 1

Specifications:   Thickness: 3-19mm   Available color: clear, bronze, blue, green, gray, black, etc.   Max specification:   Flat heat-strengthened glass: 3000*8000mm   Bent heat-strengthened glass: 3000*5000mm, R=1500mm   Description:   Wind load, thermal stress. Bring it on.   Heat-strengthened glass is less prone to spontaneous breakage than tempered glass. And it’s the product of […]

Our Insulated Glass Sample For Your Reference

insulated glass 3

8mm Grey Low-E + 12 Air space + 10mm Clear Tempered Glass   6mm Low-E(blue grey) + 12Air space +8mm Clear Tempered Glass Installing curtain wall / windows  containing Low-e glass in energy-efficient double or triple glazed units provides you with many benefits:   Improves the energy-efficiency of your home Reduces the amount of energy […]