PVB vs EVA Laminated Glass

pvb vs eva laminated glass 2

Laminated Glasses   Laminated glass is a combination of two or more glass sheets with one or more plastic inter layers (EVA /PVB /SGP)sandwiched by the glass sheets. In case of breakage the interlayer will hold the glass fragments together. It is manufactured through a process of heat and vacuuming.   Laminated glass is used […]

Tempered Heat Socked Glass

Overview of Heat Soaked Glass: Tempering process increases the strength of glass many folds, offering a greater resistance to breakage. However, the raw-materials used in the manufacturing of tempered glass are not free from certain defects like nickel-rich contaminants such as stainless steel might be present, and then combine with sulphur to form nickel sulphide […]

More Detail Information About Hongjia Switchable Transparent Glass

switchable transparent glass 7

About the Plastic Frame: Check below picture, the switchable transparent glass comes with plastic frame when you get the glass. So, (1) Please consider the thickness of the frame before you tell us your customized size, plastic frame thickness: 2mm. (2) Of course if you need a glass next to another glass, the connected side […]