Let the sun shine through your walls


Glass brick is a brick body made of glass. It is made of two types of transparent or colored glass materials: hollow glass brick and solid glass brick. Especially for small apartments, when lighting conditions are limited, you want to separate areas without affecting the sense of transparency. It can also become a wall independently.

There are two main types of glass tiles: hollow glass tiles & solid glass tiles.

Hollow glass bricks are made by first using a mold to make grooved glass like an ashtray, and then two pieces of high-temperature melted grooved glass are glued together with a hollow in the middle. Such glass bricks can be soundproof and heat-insulated. .Hollow glass brick wall is suitable for non-load-bearing interior and exterior decorative walls of buildings.

The solid glass brick is made by pouring high-temperature glass liquid into the mold and directly fixed and formed and then polished by multiple procedures in the later stage. It is relatively heavy. It has a special name, crystal brick.

Glass bricks are applied to exterior walls: it has both the physicality of the wall and the transparency of the window, and more, light transmission, sound insulation, fire prevention, etc., which can be said to serve multiple purposes. High-end office buildings, hotels, and other large places can use glass bricks. Such as the Hermes House in Ginza, Tokyo

Glass bricks are used in partitions: Use glass brick walls to decorate the partitions, which can divide the large space while maintaining the integrity of the large space. This is a smart design that can bring dramatic effects, that is, it can achieve privacy while maintaining the interior Transparent feeling. Are not kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, toilets, office spaces, etc. ideal places for applying glass tiles? Especially for some dark rooms without windows, it is especially suitable.

Glass bricks are used in corridors and passages: they are used in corridors to solve the contradiction between lighting and safety. As long as one wall is replaced with glass bricks, the entire corridor will become very transparent and bright. Compared with solid walls, it has good The lighting effect can effectively improve the problem of poor indoor lighting,

In addition to the common brick types, there are also many different styles of art glass bricks. Art glass tiles can be applied to various occasions, and the colors and shapes are also more diverse. They are especially suitable for partitions and small local decorations.