Glass Bricks Series

Glass Block or Glass Brick is a new building decorated product. The designs are beautiful & luxurious.
Glass bricks are made from glass raw materials and this is solid in nature and can be used for interior decoration applications. This gives a very distinctive look for your interiors.
It is easy & convenient to built & widely used on wall decorated in the room or outside.
Areas of applications – Interior walls, Exterior walls, bathroom, windows etc.
Its surface is as smooth as crystal, its material is hard wear-resisting, so called crystal brick.

Standard Size: HJ-GB-01A (HJ-GB-01B) 200*100*50mm, HJ-GB-02A (HJ-GB-02B) 200*50*50mm, HJ-GB-03 200*90*50mm, HJ-GB-04 250*175*40mm, HJ-GB-05A (HJ-GB-05B) 200*50*50mm, HJ-GB-06 200*90*50mm, HJ-1023-1 230*100*12mm

The size and thickness can be customized according to your requirements

Glass Thickness: 12mm, 40mm, 50mm

Glass Color: More colour options available in some products.

Packing: standard seaworthy wooden crates


Interior Application: shower room, table top, windows, glass sliding door, glass partition, glass fence, glass treads, glass hinge door, handrail, glass floor, glass walk-way, glass balcony,glass balustrade,glass shelf, etc

Exterior Application: glass skylight, glass curtain wall, windows, glass doors, glass facade, glass house, glass sun house, greenhouse, glass canopy, glass balcony, glass fence, pool glass fence, glass railing, glass balustrade, etc

Quality Certificate

CE certification, GB/T9963-1998 standard, GB/17841-1999 standard, UK-BS6206: 1981, CCC ( China Compulsory Certification)