Jade Glass HJ-JG04

Jade glass, also is a kind of special glass products worthy of the name.It the appearance of the surface effect is divided into polished surface and dumb smooth, polished surface effects like glass surface smooth;Dumb smooth surface, the surface reflective effect is diffuse reflection model, have prevent slippery effect.Used in curtain wall, furniture and indoor installation, plus its translucent properties, 3 D effect.

It is the appearance of the color, according to different process in the production, the manufacture of decorative pattern are also different, used in curtain wall, furniture and indoor installation.

Max Size: 1400mm*3000mm

Min Size: 100mm*100mm

Glass Thickness: 20mm,30mm

Glass color: pearl white, amber brown, foggy and rainy Athens gray, description, emerald green, brown, etc.

Deep Processing: laminated Jade glass

Packing: standard seaworthy wooden crates



Interior Application: shower room, windows, glass sliding door, glass partition, glass wall, etc.

Exterior Application: glass canopy, glass curtain wall, windows, glass doors, etc.

Quality Certificate

CE certification, GB/T9963-1998 standard, GB/17841-1999 standard, UK-BS6206: 1981, CCC ( China Compulsory Certification)

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