Let the sun shine through your walls—glass brick


Glass brick is a brick body made of glass. It is made of two types of transparent or colored glass materials: hollow glass brick and solid glass brick. Especially for small apartments, when lighting conditions are limited, you want to separate areas without affecting the sense of transparency. It can also become a wall independently.

There are two main types of glass tiles: hollow glass tiles & solid glass tiles.

Hollow glass bricks are made by first using a mold to make grooved glass like an ashtray, and then two pieces of high-temperature melted grooved glass are glued together with a hollow in the middle. Such glass bricks can be soundproof and heat-insulated. .Hollow glass brick wall is suitable for non-load-bearing interior and exterior decorative walls of buildings.

The solid glass brick is made by pouring high-temperature glass liquid into the mold and directly fixed and formed and then polished by multiple procedures in the later stage. It is relatively heavy. It has a special name, crystal brick.

Glass bricks are applied to exterior walls: it has both the physicality of the wall and the transparency of the window, and more, light transmission, sound insulation, fire prevention, etc., which can be said to serve multiple purposes. High-end office buildings, hotels, and other large places can use glass bricks. Such as the Hermes House in Ginza, Tokyo

Glass bricks are used in partitions: Use glass brick walls to decorate the partitions, which can divide the large space while maintaining the integrity of the large space. This is a smart design that can bring dramatic effects, that is, it can achieve privacy while maintaining the interior Transparent feeling. Are not kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, toilets, office spaces, etc. ideal places for applying glass tiles? Especially for some dark rooms without windows, it is especially suitable.

Glass bricks are used in corridors and passages: they are used in corridors to solve the contradiction between lighting and safety. As long as one wall is replaced with glass bricks, the entire corridor will become very transparent and bright. Compared with solid walls, it has good The lighting effect can effectively improve the problem of poor indoor lighting,

In addition to the common brick types, there are also many different styles of art glass bricks. Art glass tiles can be applied to various occasions, and the colors and shapes are also more diverse. They are especially suitable for partitions and small local decorations.




convex mirrors

How well do you know convex mirrors?

A curved mirror is a mirror with a curved reflecting surface. The surface may be either convex (bulging outward) or concave (recessed inward). Among them, convex mirrors are the most common in life.

principle of convex mirrors

A convex mirror or diverging mirror is a curved mirror in which the reflective surface bulges towards the light source. Convex mirrors reflect light outwards, therefore they are not used to focus light. Such mirrors always form a virtual image, since the focal point (F) and the center of curvature (2F) are both imaginary points “inside” the mirror, that cannot be reached. As a result, images formed by these mirrors cannot be projected on a screen, since the image is inside the mirror


The convex mirror manufacturing process is divided into glass molding and mirror plating. In the factory, workers cut the glass into a round shape, then put it in a customized mold, put it into the furnace, and adjust the temperature according to the required arch height. The glass softens at high temperatures and naturally sags to form a curved surface. Because it relies on softening to sag naturally, the error range of the arch height is relatively large. The inspection standard is mainly based on the qualified diameter. After cooling, the qualified products are selected and sent to the plating mirror. The colored convex mirror uses colored glass as the raw material, and the silver convex mirror uses low-iron glass as the raw material.

Uses of convex mirrors

The convex mirrors that everyone sees in life are generally the plexiglass mirrors in the rear mirrors of cars or intersections. In fact, convex mirrors are also widely distributed in home and hotel decorations. This is a style that has been handed down since the Middle Ages.

Round convex mirrors called Oeil de Sorcière (French for “sorcerer’s eye”) were a popular luxury item from the 15th century onwards, Famous examples in the art include the Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck and the left-wing of the Werl Altarpiece by Robert Campin.


This is a popular decoration that has continued from the Middle Ages and is more common in luxurious decoration. The colored convex mirror looks like a beautiful gem from a distance, and its colors are pink, blue, black, and silver. The outer frame is generally made of brass (simple style), and gold and silver frames (luxury style) are also used. Using a suitable outer frame can make your room shine.


glass price

FLAT GLASS: is it becoming a semi-precious commodity?


Recently, the Hefei Glass Chamber of Commerce unanimously passed the resolution of the Hefei Glass Chamber of Commerce to submit an investigation application letter to the relevant departments.—From Glzcn.cn

  • Is the cost of float glass manufacturers rising?
  • Is the quality of float glass manufacturers improving?
  • Is the collective price increasing of float glass manufacturers constitute a monopoly?
  • Is the price increasing of float glass manufacturers comply with the current national policy of “SIX STABILITY and SIX WARRANTY“?




On August 13, 2020, the China Glass Composite Index rose 1,271.19 points, 31.06 points higher than the previous month; the China Glass Price Index rose 1,307.49 points, 32.37 points higher than the previous month; and the China Glass Confidence Index rose 1,128.98 points, 25.79 points higher than the previous month. Recent glass spot market overall trend shows the traditional sales season trend.—From Boododo.com

Since April, the main stock glass future price have risen all the way, up more than 50%!

In June, float glass price increased 11TIMES.

In July, float glass price increased 9TIMES.

In Aug, float glass price increased 8TIMES in 15days.

As September approaches, they still going to continue increasing


Below is the increasing details of XinYi Group- Top 3 float glass supplier in China:


The first half of the year was severely affected by the epidemic 2020. Most of the glass deep-processing manufacturers didn’t operate production from January to March. They just started to resume production from April to June, and the production capacity gradually began to recover. Many companies had not waited to fully recover, and they encountered floods in July. Many companies are unable to operate normally. Just after the flood, the float glass market continued to rise in August, the highest in history. Many companies with annual contracts are making losses every day if insist on proceeding it. However, due to the continuous price increase of the architectural glass. Regarding the quoted issue and a future project tender, what we faced is whether the price will increase or not. How can we give customers a reasonable explanation?

The worst industry ranking 2020, EXPORT is No. 1. 2020 we wanna nothing but just keep surviving!

Please, be kind to us!

How to use tempered glass safely?

Reasons for strengthening glass breakage:

The tempered glass surface is a layer of compressive stress, and the internal tensile stress layer is corresponding to the balance state. When the surface flaw extends to the internal tensile stress layer, it will cause cracking.

This type of scar can be divided into several types:
Scratches caused by hard objects, sparks during welding, flying objects, etc.
Glass damage during handling and storage.
Damage to the glass when it is embedded.
Thermal stress and damage to system stress.
̇External force impact.
It is caused by impurities that occasionally exist in the glass.
unknown reason.

Characteristics of tempered glass rupture:

As long as the tempered glass is partially damaged and ruptured, it will lose the balance of stress and cause full fragmentation. Some of the fragments are scattered by granules, and some are still attached together to form a piece of fragmented aggregate. When a rupture occurs, a person in the vicinity may be hit by rain-like particles or may be hit by a large piece of aggregate. If the fragmentation block is large enough, it may hurt the human body.

Reaming or drilling of tempered glass:

After the glass is cut or drilled, the strength of the surrounding structure will be greatly weakened. In the part subjected to external force, such processing should be avoided as much as possible; if it is not, the strengthened laminated glass should be used.

When tempered glass is used in each of the following locations, it is desirable to use reinforced laminated glass:

The top of the patio is said to be used in horizontal or near-horizontal glass, such as skylights and skylights.
The outer wall of the building is used vertically. If it falls, it will hurt the objects on the ground and the glass of the human body.
Armrests or guardrails, such as glass that may cause the body or objects to fall when broken.

Figured glass

Figured glass is a kind of flat glass, manufactured by rolling method, also called Patterned glass.
Figured glass with embossed features to protect privacy, and it has a certain decorative effect.

1) Rich and colorful pattern designs provide unique decorative results: or obscure and quiet, or sparkling and lively, or serious and elegant, or bold and generous…
2) Tangible stereoscopic patterns will never fade.
3) Figured glass can be cut, ground, drilled, tempered, laminated and printed, etc.


The products are suitable for all kinds of public and personal places, such as office, conference room, hotel, hospital, playground, gym, bathroom, etc.
Products are also widely used as blind window, table top, home appliances, bathroom and lighting materials.

Do you know how to properly install a sliding glass door

With the constant innovation and development of glass industry, glass products have been fully integrated into our lives, decorate in household in the frequency of using glass is more and more frequent, and glass door is not only in the construction industry is known as often used in decorating glass products also shows its unique advantages, steel material selection is not confined to the wooden people, more is to choose about glass, glass door made of glittering and translucent get rid of appearance, not only provides the guarantee on the quality, the glass door is divided into a number of different styles, the original glass door is single or double open the door, and with the continuous improvement of people’s life,Demand for products also will increase, so the glass sliding door at this moment a big rise, attracted a lot of users, provides users with more convenient features, present the effect is better, both in terms of material and aesthetic appearance has many advantages, many users for the installation of the glass sliding door there are still some misunderstandings, so let small make up for everybody introduced several methods of sliding door of glass of installation:
Installation method of sliding glass door:

1. Hanging sliding door because the first rail box and then stick brick, exposed rail box and brick junction is not good processing, to the construction of a certain degree of difficulty.Due to the track under a certain pressure, the brick is also stressed, a long time, easy to lead to the track next to the brick cracking.Additional, if be in the space such as kitchen toilet inside, orbit box place is easy to hide filth and dirt, lampblack accumulates ash to wait to fall above, bring trouble to clean sanitation.

2. The upper part of the sliding door track box size to ensure that the height of 12 cm, 9 cm wide.Like the curtain box, the track box is installed inside the track, and the sliding door can be suspended on the track.Today most doors or openings are between 1.95 and 2.15 metres in height.Experience shows that when the height of the door is less than 1.95 meters, no matter how tall the person is, they will feel very depressed and uncomfortable.Accordingly, when making sliding door, height wants to be in at least 195+12=207 centimeters above, have enough space to make track box just can consider making sliding door.Otherwise can be external hang only, namely orbit box is exposed in the outside, affirmation is not beautiful, and time a long time, the aperture of door and metope can become big.

3. The width of the sliding door is exquisite.The normal gold size of the door is about 80 cm x 200 cm, in this structure, the door is relatively stable.If have the height of more than 200 centimeters, do sliding door below even higher circumstance, had better keep in the area below invariable premise, the width of the door shrinks narrow or make a few sliding door more, maintain the stability of the door and use security.

4. Careful use from the ground to the top of the sliding door (hanging rail box).As a result of push when swing amplitude is too big, time is long sliding door is easy to be out of shape, out of shape back door cannot open, also mean cannot repair and cannot use.

5. Because sliding door and wall or cabinet body on both sides of the contact, therefore, in the contact position do not have other objects to block the closure of the sliding door.For example, the position of the drawer inside the cabinet should avoid the intersection of sliding doors, and should be higher than the bottom at least 1cm;The drawer inside folding door cabinet body is apart from the side wall at least 15cm here special notice the power switch on the wall and socket even, if blocked the close of sliding door, should change the position of switch and socket.

6. No matter you do any material of the ground, to ensure that the level, the four walls of the door should be kept horizontal and vertical.Otherwise, the door will skew after installation.The adjustable error is no more than 10mm.

7. In the installation position please do not install the corner line, the gypsum line can be installed in the upper wall cabinet on the sealing board, if the door directly to the top do not install the gypsum line.

8.  5 mm thickness of the carpet below the location of the carpet will be cut directly paste down the track.The carpet of above 5 millimeter thickness if install double track, can fix with screw directly on carpet: if install single track, the carpet that must be in the position is cut off, the wooden strip of 3-5 millimeter thick is placed in carpet place beforehand, in order to stick single track directly above.

That is about the right way to install glass sliding door, believe that after reading the above content to install glass sliding door have a deeper understanding, on how to properly installed mastered the judgment method of strong glass sliding door, glass sliding door in our daily life plays an important role, in the aspect of furniture also adds to the window;Hope the above knowledge is helpful to everyone!

How many kinds of decorative glass are there

How many kinds of decorative glass are there?

1. Tempered glass. It is a kind of pre-stressed glass which is made from ordinary flat glass. The tempered glass has two main characteristics compared to ordinary flat glass:

1) The strength of the former is several times that of the latter, the tensile strength is more than 3 times that of the latter, and the impact resistance is more than 5 times that of the latter.
2) The Tempered glass is not easily broken, and even if broken, it will be broken in the form of particles without acute angle, greatly reducing the harm to the human body.

2. Frosted glass. It is also made by sanding ordinary flat glass. The general thickness of more than 9 cm, to 5,6 cm thickness with more.

3. Sandblasted glass. Its properties are basically similar to frosted glass, different frosted glass is sandblasted. Due to the visual similarity, many owners, even decoration professionals are confused with them.

4.Patterned glass. It is a kind of flat glass made by calendering. Its main characteristic is transparent, mostly used in toilet and other decoration areas.

5. Wire glass. It is a kind of impact resistant flat glass made by calendering and inserting metal wire or metal mesh into the glass plate. When it is hit, only radiation cracks will be formed without causing injuries. Therefore, it is mostly used in high-rise buildings and factories with high vibration, etc.

How thick is the decorative glass usually

How thick is the decorative glass usually?

1, 3-4 mm glass, this specification of glass is mainly used for the surface of the picture frame.
2, 5-6 mm glass, mainly used for small areas such as exterior Windows, doors, etc
3, 7-9 mm glass, mainly used for interior screen and other large areas but with frame protection in the modeling.
4, 9-10 mm glass, can be used for indoor large area partition, bar and other decoration projects.
5, 11-12 mm glass, can be used for floor spring glass doors and some activities in the larger flow of people partition.
6, more than 15 mm glass, general market sales less, often need to order, mainly used for a large area of the floor spring glass door exterior wall of the whole glass metope.

How is the decorative effect of glass spell mirror

How is the decorative effect of glass spell mirror

Glass excellent performance, can be used in a variety of occasions.In the interior decoration can use stained glass and hot melt glass, the style is changeable;It is suitable to use toughened glass, laminated glass and other safety glass on the occasions that need to protect personal safety;Need to adjust brightness, when protecting privacy might as well use ground glass and dimmer glass, convenient and durable.

What are the advantages of glass spell mirror decoration?

1, The form of expression has a unique personality, through different colors to match the entire decoration style, unique reflective effect and lighting effect, let the whole space extremely brilliant noble;

2, Unique art decorative effect, through different geometric collocation ornament to cater to the entire decoration style, improve the overall decorative style, with the icing on the cake decorative beauty;

3.The installation is convenient and simple, and the requirements of installation and materials are almost negligible, which reduces the construction period and decoration and installation cost;

4. Environmental protection, energy saving, without any harmful effects on human body, consistent with the development direction of social green and environmental protection, improving the quality of life.

The difference between safety glass and toughened glass

What is safety glass? What’s the difference with toughened glass?

Presumably many people know toughened glass, as a result of the formation of small pieces after breaking, reduced the risk of cutting, toughened glass is applied in a number of fields, and there is another noun, called “safety glass”, this safety glass and toughened glass and what is the difference?In fact, safety glass is a class of glass collectively, the requirements of violent vibration or impact not broken, even broken is not easy to hurt people, and tempered glass is one of them.Under the classification of safety glass, there are many kinds of glass!

① Toughened glass, Tempered glass

The production of toughened glass is to quench the glass with high-speed air and other cooling media when the glass is heated uniformly to the softening temperature.The uniform compressive stress on the glass surface can improve the mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance of the glass.Using air as the cooling medium is said to be toughened;When oil and other liquids are used as the cooling medium, the liquid is toughened;When molten salt is used as cooling medium, it is called salt bath toughening.According to the degree of rigidness and the shape of the products, it can be divided into complete toughening, regional toughening, semi-toughening, plane toughening and bending toughening.The flexural strength of toughened glass is 3 ~ 5 times greater than that of untreated glass, up to 150 ~ 250 mpa, thermal stability is improved 3 ~ 4 times, can withstand the temperature difference of 200 ~ 250℃ sharp change, no sharp edges and corners of the particles formed when broken, very little harm to human body, is the most widely used safety glass.

② Laminated glass

Laminated glass is a composite glass product which is sandwiched between two or more pieces of glass with transparent polyvinyl butadialdehyde film or other adhesive materials.When under impact, due to the elasticity of the middle layer and strong adhesive force, it can improve the impact strength. When broken, the debris will not fall off or splash, which can effectively prevent or reduce the damage to the human body.In addition, special laminated glass can be made by means of heat-absorbing glass, heat-reflecting glass, color glass and conductive film glass.

③ Bullet proof glass

Bulletproof glass can be said to be the highest level of safety glass at present, it is the composite glass that USES toughened glass, chemical reinforcement glass, silk (mesh) glass and high strength organic material (such as directional plexiglass, polycarbonate, etc.), and USES interlayer craft to make.According to different requirements, different materials can be selected to form different composite structures, to achieve the ability to resist the shooting of guns and bullets in a certain distance and the effect of preventing theft.Generally used for special bulletproof or anti-theft requirements of the building and border observation post.