Fabric Laminated Glass HJ-FL04

Laminated glass comprises of two or more layers of glass which are bonded together with an interlayer using heat and pressure. As well as PVB or EVA interlayer, other materials such as colored interlayers, fabrics and metal meshes can be included for a myriad of possibilities.

Fabric laminates give you the opportunity to capture a variety of rich fabrics between protective glass layers, you can capture the color and texture of the fabric with the strength & simplicity of glass. Often use in interior decoration.

Glass Max size: 2440mm*3600mm (According the size of Mesh)

Glass Min size: 100mm*100mm

Min curved radius: depend on the client’s requirement

Glass Thickness(mm): 3+3, 5+5, 6+6, 6+8, 8+10, 10+10, 10+12, 12+12, 15+15, 19+19 or triple glazing or multilayer

PVB or EVA Thickness: 0.38mm-3.04mm

Glass color: clear, ultra clear(low iron, crystal clear, star fire), F green, Ford blue, gray, Light Bronze, Deep Bronze, etc.

Packing: standard seaworthy wooden crates



Interior Application: glass partition, shower glass, table top, windows, glass stairs, handrail, bathroom, etc.

Quality Certificate

CE Certification

GB/9962-1999(Laminated glass standard)

GA165-1997(Bullet-proof glass standard)


CCC (China Compulsory Certification)

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