Fused Glass HJ-HM03

Fused glass is made from putting the sheet glass and inorganic colorant into the melting furnace, and setting the specific heat procedure and annealing curve. After the glass is heated to the soften point, the special forming block will compression molding the glass into given shape and suddenly annealing to make the finished product.

It is use in the decoration industry. Could be used to make the sitting room sofa and TV setting wall, door window, partition glass

Max Size: 2600mm*4200mm

Min Size: 300mm*300mm

Glass Thickness: 8mm-25mm

Glass color: clear, ultra clear(low iron, crystal clear, star fire), F green,Ford blue, gray, Light Bronze, Deep Bronze, etc.

Deep Processing: tempered

Packing: standard seaworthy wooden crates



Interior Application: shower room, windows, glass sliding door, glass partition, glass wall, hinge door, etc.

Exterior Application: glass canopy, glass curtain wall, windows, glass doors, glass railing, glass balustrade, etc.

Quality Certificate

CE Certification

CCC (China Compulsory Certification)

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