Curved Mirror HJ-CM03

Silver Mirror is an ordinary mirror, coated on its back surface with silver, which produces images by reflection.

A curved mirror is a mirror with a curved reflecting surface. The surface may be either convex (bulging outward) or concave(bulging inward). Most curved mirrors have surfaces that are shaped like part of a sphere, often use in interior decoration.

Max Size: 2000mm*3000mm(Can be produced according to client’s request.)

Min Size: 200mm*300mm

Min radius: 200mm

Glass Thickness: 3mm-25mm

Glass color: clear, ultra clear,etc.

Deep Processing: laminated, hot bent

Packing: standard seaworthy wooden crates



Interior Application: decoration wall, furniture, bathroom, glass pillar, glass partition,optical purpose, etc.

Quality Certificate

CE Certification

CCC (China Compulsory Certification)

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