FLAT GLASS: is it becoming a semi-precious commodity?


Recently, the Hefei Glass Chamber of Commerce unanimously passed the resolution of the Hefei Glass Chamber of Commerce to submit an investigation application letter to the relevant departments.—From Glzcn.cn

  • Is the cost of float glass manufacturers rising?
  • Is the quality of float glass manufacturers improving?
  • Is the collective price increasing of float glass manufacturers constitute a monopoly?
  • Is the price increasing of float glass manufacturers comply with the current national policy of “SIX STABILITY and SIX WARRANTY“?




On August 13, 2020, the China Glass Composite Index rose 1,271.19 points, 31.06 points higher than the previous month; the China Glass Price Index rose 1,307.49 points, 32.37 points higher than the previous month; and the China Glass Confidence Index rose 1,128.98 points, 25.79 points higher than the previous month. Recent glass spot market overall trend shows the traditional sales season trend.—From Boododo.com

Since April, the main stock glass future price have risen all the way, up more than 50%!

In June, float glass price increased 11TIMES.

In July, float glass price increased 9TIMES.

In Aug, float glass price increased 8TIMES in 15days.

As September approaches, they still going to continue increasing


Below is the increasing details of XinYi Group- Top 3 float glass supplier in China:


The first half of the year was severely affected by the epidemic 2020. Most of the glass deep-processing manufacturers didn’t operate production from January to March. They just started to resume production from April to June, and the production capacity gradually began to recover. Many companies had not waited to fully recover, and they encountered floods in July. Many companies are unable to operate normally. Just after the flood, the float glass market continued to rise in August, the highest in history. Many companies with annual contracts are making losses every day if insist on proceeding it. However, due to the continuous price increase of the architectural glass. Regarding the quoted issue and a future project tender, what we faced is whether the price will increase or not. How can we give customers a reasonable explanation?

The worst industry ranking 2020, EXPORT is No. 1. 2020 we wanna nothing but just keep surviving!

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