The hardest glass comes out? Can scratch diamond crystals and approach its strength

As we all know, the diamond, which symbolizes loyal love, is a relatively hard natural substance known in the world and is usually used to cut glass in the industry. As a raw material for diamonds (diamonds), carbon is one of the attractive elements, and exploring new forms of carbon has always been the eternal theme of scientific research.

A paper published in the National Science Review (NSR) in early August introduced a new type of glass born in the laboratory: AM-III, which is the hardest glass material known so far. Scratch the diamond crystal and approach its strength.

The producers of AM-III carbon are a group of materials scientists from Yanshan University. They found that crystalline and amorphous carbon can produce high-strength glass under a certain ratio. Molecule) After compression under high temperature and high-pressure environment, this hard carbonaceous material is formed.

In addition to superior strength, AM-III also has the characteristics of electrical conductivity and high-temperature resistance. In other words, this new material has a hardness comparable to that of diamonds, as well as good electrical conductivity that diamonds do not have. In the future, this material has broad application prospects, or it can be used in bulletproof glass, military weapons,

and optoelectronic equipment.