Are You Tired Of Flat Glass? Try This

With the development of the times, hot-bent glass is used more and more in construction and civil occasions. Building hot-bent glass is mainly used for building interior and exterior decoration, daylighting roof, sightseeing elevator, arched corridor, etc. Civil hot-bent glass is mainly used for glass furniture, glass aquariums, glass counters, and so on.

Hot-bent glass is a curved glass that is heated to close to the softening point and formed by various specific molds, gravity, or counterweight methods. Put the cut glass into a hot bending furnace, heat it to a softening temperature to soften the glass, and then anneal to form hot bending glass, which can also be tempered to form bent steel glass


More and more families are beginning to use curved glass tables instead of traditional wooden tables. Because the strength of the hot-bent glass is no less than the traditional table after tempering, the light transmission of the glass will give people a good visual experience and match various decorative styles.

The glass structure of the sightseeing elevator can improve the comfort of passengers and bring users a sense of novelty. Glass can connect the elevator and surrounding buildings into a whole, forming a moving landscape.



Hot-bent glass is very suitable for corridors. If you think that vertical glass railings are too common, I highly recommend using hot curved glass. Of course, for curved glass corridors, everyone is most impressed by underwater sightseeing corridors. From a physical and optical point of view, underwater corridors are Very suitable for the use of hot-bent glass.