Is Black Glass suitable for decoration

Is Black Glass suitable for decoration?

Black Glass has a strong decorative effect. Mainly used in wall, background wall decoration, and suitable for any place indoor and outdoor decoration.

Black Glass, with high-end, elite atmosphere, for storefronts, modern or minimalist interior more appropriate. Suitable for large area use, with other colors, texture materials will reduce the use of heavy, oppressive, technological sense. Make sure you secure it to the top. If not attached to the wall, it is recommended to use steel over 8 mm.

Features of black glass

1. Water resistance, strong acid and Alkali resistance.
2. Use of environmental protection paint, health and safety.
3. Strong adhesion, not easy to fall off.
4. Excellent skid resistance.
5. Anti-uv, anti-color aging strong.
6. The color is very selective.
7. Strong weatherability and compatibility of structural adhesive.
8. Stain Resistance, easy to clean.