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Glass in the future 2-3 years or will maintain a tight supply

  The glass industry is limited by the supply-side reform, capacity can not expand, only the stock capacity recovery. Excluding the short concentrated cold repair during the epidemic in 2020, the average annual capacity growth rate of glass from 2019 to 2021 is only 3% based on the low capacity in 2019. The industry’s in-production […]

Road to the decarbonization of the glass industry: electrification

Road to the decarbonization of the glass industry: electrification   Unlike steel and cement, glass has a clear path to decarbonization: electrification. However, renewable power has been scarcer than the industry had hoped, raising concerns about its ability to meet EU climate targets. The recovery rate of the glass bottle industry is as high as […]

Are You Tired Of Flat Glass? Try This

With the development of the times, hot-bent glass is used more and more in construction and civil occasions. Building hot-bent glass is mainly used for building interior and exterior decoration, daylighting roof, sightseeing elevator, arched corridor, etc. Civil hot-bent glass is mainly used for glass furniture, glass aquariums, glass counters, and so on. Hot-bent glass […]

Container freight rates soared by 300%

Due to the spread of the global epidemic, the entire cross-border market is ups and downs, especially the logistics efficiency is the most inefficient. Also, shipping companies have increased prices unanimously, the global supply chain is unbalanced, and the actual capacity is still very tight. These conditions add up to full container space, price increase, […]

Let the sun shine through your walls

  Glass brick is a brick body made of glass. It is made of two types of transparent or colored glass materials: hollow glass brick and solid glass brick. Especially for small apartments, when lighting conditions are limited, you want to separate areas without affecting the sense of transparency. It can also become a wall […]

How well do you know convex mirrors?

A curved mirror is a mirror with a curved reflecting surface. The surface may be either convex (bulging outward) or concave (recessed inward). Among them, convex mirrors are the most common in life. principle of convex mirrors A convex mirror or diverging mirror is a curved mirror in which the reflective surface bulges towards the […]

How to use tempered glass safely?

Reasons for strengthening glass breakage: The tempered glass surface is a layer of compressive stress, and the internal tensile stress layer is corresponding to the balance state. When the surface flaw extends to the internal tensile stress layer, it will cause cracking. This type of scar can be divided into several types: Scratches caused by […]