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Why choose railing glass?

Railings are a very important consideration when building a home. When it comes to installing outdoor or indoor railings, there are a lot of options on the market. Any material for the railing can be selected by considering their needs and preferences. However, of all the options available on the market, glass railings are the […]

Gradient glass process distinction

Acid Etch Glass Gradient process Acid Etch Glass Gradient process is a new type of gradient effect glass innovatively developed based on the traditional frosting process of flat glass. On the same piece of glass, it presents a visual effect of gradually becoming clear from hazy, with various gradient forms, starting from 0~30%~60%~80%; transparent color […]

Patterned glass partition design

Patterned glass has always been used in partition design, especially MORU glass. In fact, there are many types of patterned glass, and the partition effect is also perfect. Features 1 Rich and colorful pattern designs provide unique decorative results: obscure and quiet, sparkling and lively, or serious and elegant, or bold and generous… 2 Tangible stereoscopic patterns will never fade. 3 Figured glass can be cut, ground, drilled, tempered, laminated and printed, etc. […]

Electric engraving glass introduction

Engraving Glass is a form of decorative glasswork that involves engraving a glass surface or object. It is distinct from glass art in the narrow sense, which refers to molding and blowing glass, and from glass etching which uses acidic, caustic, or abrasive substances to achieve artistic effects. Some artists may combine two or more […]

International Year of Glass China is ready

What is the origin of the International Year of Glass? For more than 60 years, the United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed the United Nations International Year to recognize international cooperation and concerted efforts in important fields and the contributions made by relevant organizations and institutions to society, such as the International Year of Astronomy […]

Soaring production costs put pressure on glass industry

Production costs around the world have soared in recent months, and they have fallen only marginally in 2020, driven by rising energy, raw material, and ocean freight prices, as well as difficulties in obtaining certain raw materials or the prices of expensive raw materials. The glass industry, which has a very high energy demand, has […]

Tempered glass vs. laminated glass comparison and review

Laminated Glass   What is laminated glass? Laminated glass is made of two sheets of plain or tempered glass sandwiched around a layer of transparent plastic film (PVB). The set of glass is processed through a process designed to expel air bubbles and then heated for an initial round of melting. After this, the glass is […]

Does frosted glass also have a process distinction?

  Frosted glass is a glass that has been rendered opaque through a process that roughens or obscures the clear surface of the glass Due to the rough surface of the frosted glass, the light is diffusely reflected, and the light is transparent without perspective. It can make the indoor light soft and not dazzling. […]

What is Ultra Clear Glass?

Usually, we are familiar with glass brick, tempered glass, frosted glass, Insulating glass, laminated glass, shaped glass, etc. In fact, there is not much difference in essence Tempered, frosted, clipped, etc. It is a different treatment method for the secondary processing of glass thus showing different performance and visual effects However, ultra-clear glass is fundamentally […]