Our Insulated Glass Sample For Your Reference

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8mm Grey Low-E + 12 Air space + 10mm Clear Tempered Glass   6mm Low-E(blue grey) + 12Air space +8mm Clear Tempered Glass Installing curtain wall / windows  containing Low-e glass in energy-efficient double or triple glazed units provides you with many benefits:   Improves the energy-efficiency of your home Reduces the amount of energy […]


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Building GLASS EDGE TYPES The condition of the edge of finished glass products can impact the long term structural performance of the glass system. The adjacent table of edge types is provided to help design professionals understand typical applications.

Information About Float Glass

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          What is Float Glass? Float Glass is a kind of transparent flat glass is shaped by annealing, cooling, hardening,, cutting glass panels with even thickness. These are formed on metal fluid from molten glass which is produced in a melting furnace at a high temperature with high-quality quartzite sandstone powder, […]