Glass Door

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There are several types of glass door in Hongjia Glass for your choosing:

  1. Hinged glass door
  2. Double-open glass door
  3. Folding glass door
  4. Sliding door
  5. Flat/Curved shower door with frame or frameless and etc…

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  • About Specification

Door’s size is depends on the client’s door actual opening.

Single glass panel thickness: Normally suggest 8mm, 10mm, 12mm or multilayers & special custom make.

The glass will be cut as your drawing & fitting which including size, cutout and holes etc.

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Its’ Application: Bathroom, Shower room, Bed room, House, office building room, house room, hotel and etc.

  • Glass Door Features

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1. Its performance of anti-impact, anti-bending and anti-temperature, all around 3-5 times than ordinary glass.

2. Safety, Tempered glass is hard to break, even broken, it will become lots of mini pieces, will not cause bad hurt to peoble.

3. Tempered glass also have excellent stability under large difference in temperature (within 300° C).


  • Accessories
  1. Stainless steel rails (SUS304, SUS316) or aluminum accessories suit for the glass door.
  2. SUS304, SUS316(handles, hinges, rods, sliding rails, floor spring, spider and etc).
  3. About Handles, we also have many different types for your reference.

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We also make heat-soaked treatment on the glass if the clients require. And our glass door can be made by different crafts, including tempered / frosted / curved / laminated / insulated / decorative and so on.

Please feel free to contact with us for more details. Our last shower door installation please see below:

(The glass and fittings are provided by Hongjia. At the same time, we gave client instructions to install the shower door.)

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