Southbank Place Apartments Australia

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Central Equity’s latest Melbourne project, Southbank Place, represents the culmination of over 30 years of experience and is located in the heart of Southbank where the company is responsible for over 50 percent of the neighbourhood’s apartments. Located in inner-city Melbourne, Southbank is famous as a multicultural arts and leisure precinct.

February 2018, Southbank Place Apartments which is a stunning new 52-level glass apartment tower included large three-bedroom corner apartments (up to 125 sqm) and generous two-bedroom apartments with study (up to 105 sqm) was under construction in the heart of Melbourne.

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Hongjia assisted in producing glass wall which used 12mm Light Grey Reflective Tempered Glass and 12mm Europe Grey HST Tempered Glass. It took a long time to finish the production. We concentrated on the glass quality, it must be in line with customer’s requirement. Finally, the production was finished and shipped the glasses to Australia in early November.

The wall glass details please see belows:

Pictures of products:

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Heat Soaked Test:

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Inspecting piece by piece:

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Put protective film on the glass and use corner protection to protect each piece of glass.

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Safety wooden crates:

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