A Stylish Way Of Partition, Glass Partition

Today is the last day of the Spring Festival holiday. We call this day the Lantern Festival. May this new year bring you happiness and prosperity.
Have a blessed one! Happy Lantern Festival


Porch partition

The first step that needs to be separated is the entrance and the room. The use of glass partition walls not only allows the host and guest to have an open visual experience, but also does not expose the privacy of the room, plus the entrance cabinet, it also increases the practicality of the space.

Living room partition

This design of transforming the living room and other functional areas into a glass partition wall greatly improves the daylighting and transparency of the space without the cramped feeling of a small apartment. You can choose transparent and opaque glass, such as patterned glass, frosted glass, gradient glass, etc. When the light passes through the glass, the light and shadow effect produced by the pattern on the glass can increase the layering of the living room.

Kitchen partition

The kitchen is one of the spaces with the highest frequency of installing glass partitions, which can increase the interaction between the cook and the family, can also block the oil smoke from affecting other areas, and can be well connected to the restaurant to increase the lighting of the space.

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