Bulletproof Glass

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Bullet resistant glazing glass were mostly equivalent to the relative standard of UL 7 52:1995 and referred to BS 5 051: 1988, ASTM F1233:1995.
Bullet resistant glazing glass is tested by Security and Police-use Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security, which is the unique testing unit in China, confirming glass quality and security.
Bulletproof Glass (” Bullet Resistant Glass ” or “ballistic glass”) is achieved through the multiple layering of laminated glass wherein several lites of glass are bonded together by polycarbonate material, typically Polyvinyl Butyrol (PVB). It is this PVB interlayer, not the glass lite, which essentially helps sustain a bullet’s blow and slows down its penetration. PVB adds another element of safety by maintaining the structural integrity of the glass construction despite its shattering, preventing otherwise large, sharp glass shards from injuring potential bystanders. Bulletproof glass varies in thickness from three-quarter inch to three inches (19mm to 76mm)
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Min. Size: 200mm*300mm
Max. Size: 2440*3660mm or customized
Popular Thickness
8mm glass+1.52mm PVB+8mm glass+1.52mm PVB+8mm Clear Non-tempered Laminated Bullet Proof Glass
10mm glass+1.52mm PVB+10mm glass+1.52mm PVB+10mm Clear Non-tempered Laminated Bullet Proof Glass
12mm glass+1.52mm PVB+10mm glass+1.52mm PVB+10mm+1.52mm PVB+6mm Clear Non-tempered Laminated Bullet Proof Glass
Bank counter, financial system, Curtain wall, shower door, windows, top lighting, balcony fencing, swimming pool fencing…construction glass, Automotive bulletproof glass
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