Choose decorative glass for your interior design

Decorative glass is an innovative range of patterned acid etched glass. Decorative glass offers privacy characteristics and the ability to transform not just a space but the light within it.

Our decorative glass products offer a wealth of opportunity to interior spaces such as decorative glass partition and glass doors or any other special glass products. They are ideal for spaces where privacy and beauty are required. All specialty patterns can be acceptable, you need to provide the drawing for us.

  1. Decorative glass use for glass partition

decorative glass 1      2. Decorative glass use for glass table tops

decorative glass 2

3. Decorative glass use for interior decoration

decorative glass 3

Essentially, the following are some of the most important advantages that can be gained by using decorative glass:
1)Transforms an old setting to project a new ambiance.
2)Comes in various colors and patterns.
3)Use for glass windows can enhance privacy and security where necessary.
4)Projects a new stylish appearance.
5)Reflect your personal style.

If you are looking for decorative glass, our knowledgeable experts can help. Don’t be hesitate contact us for a free consultation.