Louis Vuitton Hong Kong

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The Louis Vuitton Hong Kong Landmark has undergone a transformation, a new look for Louis Vuitton, its new look is sure to put this shopping destination on the map of cool fashion destinations.

The building at one of the busiest junctions in Hong Kong, the flagship maison in Central has a new glass facade designed by Japanese architect Jun Aoki, the man who be called “Louis Vuitton Imperial Architects”, There are eight Louis Vuitton store from his design.

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Using decorative glass for Louis Vuitton store exterior wall, glass wall design gorgeous and noble, designed glass facade has made the Louis Vuitton Maison a showstopper in one of the busiest junctions in Hong Kong. Visitors to the city are sure to snap a picture of this beautiful building, They will be attracted by this building, as a professional building glass supplier, HongJia Glass focus on glass building, can supply many kinds of glass according to client’s request.

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There is a new interior by New York architect/interior designer Peter Marino, who has designed Louis Vuitton stores in London and Los Angeles. It includes an intimate space across two floors where customers can sit on plush sofas and lounge chairs while browsing through the latest collections of ready-to-wear, leather goods, accessories, fragrance, jewellery, watches and shoes.

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The Louis Vuitton store at king of Prussia mall, US, it also used decorative glass for the building.The look of Louis Vuitton: The rebooted King of Prussia Mall storefront boasts golden hues, contemporary furnishings, and nods to the label’s luxe heritage.

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Architects and designers are using glass in exciting, more and more people use decorative glass for exterior or interior building, it is creative ways. Glass opens up spaces and allows light to enter, creating inviting environments. In addition, decorative glass can be used as a design detail or structural element in construction for interior and exterior applications. From the above we can know, using glass in construction has become a trend.

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