Roof Glass Dome

roof glass dome 5
Roof glass dome is a special product. It could be used to the building tops to be an architectural art decoration, increasing the aesthetic of construction. Also widely used to private residence, tower, awning, green house, sunlight room, pub, bar and skylight etc.
Surprisingly, the small one even could be used as display cabinet in jewelry shop etc.
1. Design (Roof Structure and Glass Size)
Glass roof size is freely chosen. Just give radius and height of the whole roof.
Minimum size: could be a small glass box with frame. (Display cabinet)
Maximum size: not limited.
Sketch or drawings will be provided and make clients clear about the dome roof.
2. Glass roof shape
It could be arcuation, cone, pyramid etc.
Multi-layer glass roof is our advantage.
roof glass dome
3. Glass combination
A. Safety first.
Tempered and laminated glass are the best.
B. Clients requirement.
According to characters of different area and clients purposes, different glass will be provided.
Double glazing glass is widely used to glass roofs.
4. Frame
Material: Safe and high quality stainless steel #316.
Frame color: metal, or painted basing on Color Card–RAL or PANTONE
roof glass dome 4
5. Specialty
Cylindrical bending and spherical bending glass is the specialty in our factory. Which has 2 radius, 4 edges are bent.
6. Representative