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Customized Clear Heat Strengthened Glass For Laminated Skylights

Specifications:   Thickness: 3-19mm   Available color: clear, bronze, blue, green, gray, black, etc.   Max specification:   Flat heat-strengthened glass: 3000*8000mm   Bent heat-strengthened glass: 3000*5000mm, R=1500mm   Description:   Wind load, thermal stress. Bring it on.   Heat-strengthened glass is less prone to spontaneous breakage than tempered glass. And it’s the product of […]

What is SC?

 What is the shading coefficient? A measure of the ability of a window or skylight to transmit solar heat. One of the important data for glass low e coating.   The shading coefficient is expressed as a number without units between 0 and 1. The lower a window’s solar heat gain coefficient or shading coefficient, […]

Our Insulated Glass Sample For Your Reference

8mm Grey Low-E + 12 Air space + 10mm Clear Tempered Glass   6mm Low-E(blue grey) + 12Air space +8mm Clear Tempered Glass Installing curtain wall / windows  containing Low-e glass in energy-efficient double or triple glazed units provides you with many benefits:   Improves the energy-efficiency of your home Reduces the amount of energy […]

Glass Products For The Construction Secto

Glass strongly influences modern architectural design. The creative use of large windows, glass doors, roof lights, and atria, among many other applications, makes buildings and houses bright, airy, inviting and energy efficient. Uses & applications The main uses of glass in buildings and houses are, of course, the most obvious and visible ones: facades and […]

Glass Fins

Glass Fins Glass fins represent the earliest form of structural glass facade, dating back to the 1950s French Hahn system used at the Maison de la Radio in Paris. Here 2-story glass plates were suspended and laterally stiffened by the use of glass fins set perpendicular to the plates at the vertical joints between them. […]


Building GLASS EDGE TYPES The condition of the edge of finished glass products can impact the long term structural performance of the glass system. The adjacent table of edge types is provided to help design professionals understand typical applications.

Information About Float Glass

          What is Float Glass? Float Glass is a kind of transparent flat glass is shaped by annealing, cooling, hardening,, cutting glass panels with even thickness. These are formed on metal fluid from molten glass which is produced in a melting furnace at a high temperature with high-quality quartzite sandstone powder, […]

The Next World’s Tallest Tower

Dubai Began Building The Next ‘World’s Tallest Tower’ ,they didn’t reveal the height yet. “The Dubai Creek Tower”, plan to complete in 2020. Top Five Tallest Buildings In The World By 2016 No.1. Burj Khalifa (DUBAI, UAE) Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai, UAE. Its construction was started in the year 2004, September. No.2. India Tower (MUMBAI, […]

Curtain Wall System

Curtain wall systems are a non-structural cladding systems for the external walls of buildings. They are generally associated with large, multi-storey buildings.   Curtain walls separate the interior from the exterior, but only support their own weight and the loads imposed on them (such as wind loads, seismic loads and so on) which they transfer […]