Figured glass

Figured glass is a kind of flat glass, manufactured by rolling method, also called Patterned glass. Figured glass with embossed features to protect privacy, and it has a certain decorative effect. -Features 1) Rich and colorful pattern designs provide unique decorative results: or obscure and quiet, or sparkling and lively, or serious and elegant, or […]

Do you know how to properly install a sliding glass door

With the constant innovation and development of glass industry, glass products have been fully integrated into our lives, decorate in household in the frequency of using glass is more and more frequent, and glass door is not only in the construction industry is known as often used in decorating glass products also shows its unique […]

How many kinds of decorative glass are there

How many kinds of decorative glass are there? 1. Tempered glass. It is a kind of pre-stressed glass which is made from ordinary flat glass. The tempered glass has two main characteristics compared to ordinary flat glass: 1) The strength of the former is several times that of the latter, the tensile strength is more […]